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Tied Together was our Semester project during my studies. As a team of five programmers we developed the game from the idea to the finished product. The game is a coop multiplayer platformer or also called "couch coop". A carrot and a celery are bound together by a rubber band, whereby each player can control one of these characters. The main mechanic of Tied Together is to run as far apart as possible. Once one player jumps he flings in the direction of the other player with the force of the stretched-out rubber band. Using this mechanic the players can help each other overcoming gaps, terrifying traps and obstacles in order to be able to reach the end of each level.

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Tied Together Demo

The Demo is coming!

The Demo Tied Together Demo

Download the Demo of Tied Together for: Windows Linux OSX

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Timeline of the Project!


About the Team: We are 5 programmers who studied game engineering and simulation at the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Vienna. The game idea for Tied Together brought us “together”. The finished prototype including graphics was made entirely by us five using Unity 3D.

Thomas Bedrnik: Programmer
Lukas Branigan: Project Lead, Programmer
Johannes Dünstinger: Programmer, Prototype Graphics
Christian Pichler: Progammer
Jürgen Wurzer: Programmer

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